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Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery popularly known as "BUTTON HOLE SURGERY" of joints, is minimally invasive in comparison to traditional open surgery. The Benefits are:-

  1. Since minimally invasive, it is less traumatic to body, has lesser risk in surgery & anaesthesia.
  2. Has less scarring since the incision are < 1 cm. in size.
  3. Hospital stay is mostly 1-2 days in comparison to 3-5 days in open surgery, therefore is less expensive.
  4. Post operative pain is much less. Recovery time is less. Wound healing & ambulation is faster.
  5. Can access more structures with in joint which are sometimes difficult to access by open surgery.

At Ganesh Ortho Trauma & Medical Centre Dr. Shekhar Shrivastava & Dr. Mohit Madan perform arthroscopic surgeries. Both have experience of performing several thousand surgeries:-

  1. Meniscus & ACL injuries knee.
  2. Impingement syndrome & recurrent dislocation shoulder.
  3. Many more disorders of knee shoulder & ankle joint.

Knee Arthroscopic


Torn ACL


Final ACL Graft


Torn Meniscus



Shoulder Arthroscopy