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Minimally Invasive Fracture Surgery

Minimally Invasive Fracture Surgery

In this newer technique the fractured bones are put back in position by closed manipulation under the control of X ray image intensifier & fixed with screws, wires, plates or intramedullary nails through very small incisions.

In last 14-15 years the technique is becoming more & more popular because it has several advantages over conventional open reduction of fractures.

About 70-75% operative fractures are treated by this technique.

The advantages are:-

  1. Less traumatic, less blood loss.
  2. Less risk of anaesthesia & surgery.
  3. Less post-operative pain.
  4. Smaller incisions early healing & less scarring.
  5. Less chances of post operative infection.
  6. Better chance of healing of fracture because fracture haematoma is not disturbed.
  7. Early ambulation.
  8. Less chances of joint stiffness.